anita ivette ferrer
anita ivette ferrer

Hello and Welcome to my Online Portfolio!

     When the world has gotten you down and you feel who you are and what you do has no meaning, this is the place to come for beauty, peace and comfort. Hurting people are my passion and I have learned through fiery trials, devastating storms, setbacks, chronic and painful health maladies and dying dreams that it is NOT the end for you! Because of these hardships I have learned to overcome and you can too.
     When ever you focus on your troubles, you can be sure they will overwhelm and encompass you. I have been blessed to have an artist’s eye and trained myself to see beauty even in the mundane and ugly.
      Here at impactfolios, beauty will undoubtedly move and inspire you. As you gaze through the photographs, read through the poetry and blogs and later ponder the deep meaning of life and God…and especially your purpose, my prayer is that I can walk along side you in spirit. Feel free to email me here at anytime when you’re in need of encouragement or prayer.
      My favorite subject matter is cats, exquisite flowers and nature. God has truly blessed me with an eye, great camera and the vision for composition. I hope you will find rest for your souls. God bless you and please come back often!